Renet73 Racing Pigeons

Motto:nu exista triumf fara pierderi,victorie fara suferinta,libertate fara sacrificiu.

Welcome to "Renet73 Racing Pigeons" Loft


     My name is Luca Remus, I have 36 years old, married, residing in the locality Sannicolau Mare Jud. Timis - Romania. Since 2007 I live in Italy, city Calderano di Gaiarine in province of Treviso. Since 2008, until 2009 I was member of "Gruppo Colombofilo di Treviso" - "Societa 'Piave", and since 2010 I am member of "Gruppo Colombofilo Udine" - "Societa Ala Friuli" related to "Federazione Colombofila Italiana".
      Several years ago like pigeon related activity, I started collecting rings, ownershipcards of racing pigeons from different countries and different years. It is very difficult to find the ring or ownershipcards missing in the collection, because you can not simply buy them in a store, but you must find the pigeon friends who are willing to offer you a helping hand.
      If you have a few old rings and ownershipcards, and are willing to help me, I would be grateful. You can contact me by e-mail:
      I want this way to pay tribute to my wife father, Funariu Nicolae, a passionate pigeon fancier, who unfortunately left us too soon.
      Thank you for visiting and feel free to visit the site “Renet73 Racing Pigeons" which will be posted soon many other new things.